8: Anniversary Booty

Apocaleptic 8 - Anniversary Booty

Yesterday was my anniversary. I innocently went and bought a card for my wife and then… aw man, now I feel like a creep. What’s wrong with me? I don’t deserve my wife. I need some counseling I’m pretty sure. Why couldn’t I just get a card and get out?

7: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot

Apocaleptic 7 It's Begining

Thanksgiving is history and I ate way too much. Instead of thinking about my gluttony, best move my focus forward to Christmas where I can participate in greed. I’ve pulled out my box of Christmas movies and I’m ready to start the marathon. Do you have favorite holiday movies you have to watch every year? I present my own lists here, not just my favorites but also the ones I despise. I wonder which list your favorites are on. Stay in touch friends. I’d love to hear from you.

6: Interview with Dann Gunn

Dann Gunn co-created the theme music to Apocaleptic. He’s been a musician most of his life in bands such as “The Square,” “Velocipede” and as a solo artist. You can listen to most of his music on his BandCamp site or at danngunn.com. We both were dedicated young Christians in our early life and had similar artistic influences and listened to many of the same Christian bands. In the interview we discuss keeping faith, losing faith, living life as an artist and staying inspired as a creator. The interview makes the show run a bit long but it’s a podcast and we can do whatever we want. I hope you enjoy it.

5: Fur Babies

As we enter the holiday season, I have started reflecting on how I include my pets in the festivities. Food, gifts, tiny hats, is it really healthy? What do the experts say? Well buckle up and get a dose of reality and some health scolding with me from those who think they know everything. Not sure why they can’t just mind their own business.

4: The Dakota War

4-Apocaleptic-The Dakota War

In America, we’re heading into Thanksgiving week, a holiday full of cranberry sauce and Native American genocide. Hey, it’s our history, why ignore it? While searching for some warm, cozy Thanksgiving stories, I stumbled across the story of The Dakota War of 1862. I found it very interesting and maybe you will too. Have a slice of history with your pumpkin pie. Wait, this is America, better make that apple pie.

3: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes


Thanks to everyone for downloading and subscribing to Apocaleptic! Please tell your friends! Share it on social media! This week I have a coffee scoop crisis, I give a few tips on how to make things a little easier in life by keeping one thing in mind and I provide some 3 and 3 for the special listeners. Thanks again! Get in touch! Call the Listener Line! Interact!

2: Making Millions

There are a lot of glitches that happen in a new podcast. Like when the dumbass podcast host can’t pronounce the name of the show. I don’t know what happened to my brain when I was calling the show “Apocaleptica” at the beginning of the episode. Hopefully that won’t happen again. On this episode I discuss rich young YouTubers, marijuana, Powerball winning and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A lot of stuff for a second show. Whoo, I gotta slow down!

1: Premiere! What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Apocaleptic Header

Welcome to the premiere episode of Apocaleptic. Let me explain what this podcast is about and why I’m doing it. Also, hear all of the craziness that was my summer! Good to see you here and I’m glad to be back.