66: Let’s Do It Again

Only Murders In The Building

A last minute impromptu guest invite brings us the lovely Maria, a woman I spend most of my life with. Mostly because we got married but also because she’s pretty hot and smarter than me is. Unfortunately, I completely get everything off to a bad start by almost getting through the entire show and then realizing I forgot to push “Record.” Embarrassing. Anyway, it all turned out okay. We discuss “Only Murders In The Building,” the arrival of autumn, and the very first concert we ever went to. Probably worth a listen. Hope you like it.

65: The Gospel of Blasphemy

65: The Gospel of Blasphemy

Nice to be back, my friends. It was a little forced vacation as I dealt with the earth trying to shake me off of it. I’m not so sure it has ever really been comfortable with me. Hey, I recently read about the Aghori sect of Hinduism and it made me think about a philosophy I developed back in my 20s which I call “The Gospel of Blasphemy.” The Aghoris are very unorthodox and unusual. Quite blasphemous if you can’t handle the taboo. A bit creepy. A good group to reseach as we approach the season of haunts. I’ve also been obsessing over a pop-electronica band called Venus Hum. Maybe you know about them. They’ve been around for 25 years or so. I’m just now discovering them. Story of my life. See you later this week.

64: Retrobation

We’re getting ready for a hurricane to move through the south so I hope everyone stays safe and secure. Maybe grab a pack of ice cream sandwiches or cones to enjoy while you ride it out. Do you still get visits from the ice cream truck? Haven’t seen one in awhile. I think they are avoiding me. I met my soul mate last night and she had a really weird name. That’s not a good sign is it? What are your favorite shows from the 70s? There were some really bad ones. I give you my 5 top favorite 70s shows. Feel free to send me yours. See ya’ll next week.

63: Finding the Monster

Loch Ness Monster

This week we’re heading for 100° weather in Atlanta. Someone please send us ice. If you have nothing to do, why not plan on attending Fyre Festival 2? Yes, it’s happening. Or maybe you’ll want to look for the Loch Ness Monster this weekend. Just bring along an expert in the topic of monsters. Most likely they do exist. What should we do for Halloween, folks? Help me out. Let’s do something fun that doesn’t involve sacrificing small children again. Authorities say we have to stop that kind of activity. See you this weekend, folks. I’ll be naked in ATL with an icy beverage.

62: Something Stinks

Welcome to a rare video show, my friends. You don’t have to watch the video version but it’s there if you want it. I’m updating my term for the short generation between Boomers and Gen X, of which I am a part. Pay attention and start using the new label. I’ve been sleeping in the rain the past few days. Sort of. It’s relaxing so join me, won’t you? Have you ever lived in a stinky city? I think I’ve lived in more stink than most. Let me know if you can top my impressive stink resume. Why is it people want to crap on the things that give us pleasure? It happens way too often, don’t you think? Let’s do better. See you later this week.

61: Beer

Yesterday, storms moved through the south and made it very difficult to record a podcast. So here we are today. Been awhile since I shared a beer with you so I hope you don’t mind if I crack one open today. I got to watch the Jason Isbell documentary Running With Our Eyes Closed last night. I really enjoyed it and it made me think about how challenging relationships can be. I’ve had some pretty stormy ones for sure. Like those storms of yesterday, moving in and throwing stuff around. Not fun. Okay, I’ll see you later this week. Let’s try to do a video.

60: I Know You Are But What Am I?

Happy Episode 60 everyone! Hope you have a good holiday. Me? I’m still trying to get my life and home organized. It sure is taking awhile. How are you with trust? Do you trust people easily? I feel like I can learn a lot about trust from my cat. Celebrities are dropping like, well, celebrity flies. We’ve lost several the past couple weeks. The world is not as safe and secure as we have told ourselves it is. Hang on. It’s a bumpy ride. See you next week.

59: Small Town, Small Minds

So much in the news this week! Controversy about small towns and country songs, insane Presidential news, and social media craziness. How can we be blamed for wanting to watch it all? Just remember, distractions are simply other people stealing your life. Do you really want to give them that much control? Personally, I’d rather not. Stay alert. Don’t give your life to idiots. Unless you want to, of course. I don’t want to tell you what to do. Thanks for tuning in my friends. Let’s hang out again later this week.

58: Your Cheatin’ Heart


This week I’m doing battle with my cat, discovering new music and getting into a documentary about cheating. Are you a cheater in relationships? Have you cheated? I’ll let you know a story about the closest I’ve come to cheating. Was it cheating? I don’t think so. Let me know if I’m wrong. Hope to hear from you. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

57: Interview With Artist Randy Dickerson

Apocaleptic 57 Randy Dickerson

Welcome to another Thursday show! This week I interview artist Randy Dickerson. Randy is a southern artist with an interesting background and some fascinating views about art and life in general. It was a fun conversation and I hope you enjoy it. Look up Randy online and check out his great art. Thanks for all your support friends! Give us a share on your social media sites. Talk us up. Let people know about Apocaleptic. See you next week.