About Apocaleptic


Rick Baldwin hosts this weekly, off-center, solo podcast from Atlanta. Part stand-up comedy, part one-man-show, part social rant, blending humor, interviews, stories, facts and trivia. Apocaleptic is the bumpy spiritual roadmap for decent people trying to navigate an indecent world. New episodes every Monday and Thursday.

I began podcasting in 2013 as cohost of the Life In A Kilt Podcast. In 2016, that podcast morphed into This Epic Disaster which I cohosted until 2022 and after its sudden and unplanned demise, I set out to create a new solo podcast. That’s when Apocaleptic was born.

I didn’t want to recreate the same podcasts I’d done in the past but I did want to take a few of the ideas and concepts and bits I’ve had fun with before and make them fit this new format, Doing a solo podcast is an entirely different monster. I had very good chemistry with my former podcast partner and I knew I wouldn’t be bringing that to the new podcast. Much of the interest has to be in the content and in the guests, which have a much larger presence than in my previous podcasts. I love improv comedy and, in many ways, doing a solo podcast is a lot like improv. It’s a very similar energy.

I’ve watched how our world and our society has changed so much in the past ten years. Perhaps it’s just because I’m an old guy now but I do hear many people of all ages saying they kind of feel lost. They don’t know the rules any more. It seems that the good people are getting pushed behind while mean people are getting rewarded. I wanted to create a show that helps those of us who choose to continue being decent people, have a place to hang out. To talk about surviving skills. To laugh at this insane world and try not to go insane while living in it.

Apocaleptic may not be about the world’s end times but it is about our own end times. We only get a limited amount of time here and it’s important we make the best of all of it. I encourage everyone to grab life by whatever part you can hold on to. Have a cold beer, great pizza, some hot sex and catch a few good Netflix movies while you can. And if you’re lucky, all at the same time.

Most of all, Apocaleptic is for and about the listeners. I’ve created so many options for everyone to get in touch with me at the podcast, from email to social media to the Apocaleptic Listener Line (678-348-0008). I need the listeners to be my cohost for this show. I do hope you’ll come along. It’s is your show after all.

New episodes every Monday and Thursday from the doomsday bunker/studio in Atlanta. Download and subscribe here.