Unheard Of

Apparently the sound file for this week’s first show did not get uploaded, so there was nothing to listen to. I’d like to thank the lovely and talented David Facemyre for contacting me and pointing out that the show is a sham. It’s nothing. A mere phantom in this world of illusion. But it’s out now so forget all that metaphysical stuff. I’m pretty sure it was my own fault but I only say that because, as of yet, I can’t find anyone else to blame. Give it a listen and let me know if I should have just left it blank.

Rick on “Take A Sip” with Michael Poole

Thanks to Michael Poole (Koozy Mike) for having me as a guest on his podcast Taking a Sip. We reminisce a bit about A Year In A Kilt, Life In A Kilt, The Life In A Kilt Podcast and discuss the arts, spirituality, podcasting, ASMR and drum corps. Lots of fun. Check it out!

Morning Coffee Ramble Part 2 – The NOW – Nonduality – Metaphysics

This is a sequel to my last metaphysical ramble video. I had some new insights about the NOW and thought I would share. DO NOT watch this video unless you watch the previous video. It’ll mess you up forever and I don’t want to be responsible for that. You’ve been warned, dude.

Coffee Ramble with Rick – The NOW and the Nature of Experience – Nonduality

If you love, crazy, incoherent ramblings, man, this video is for you!

It’s 7am. I’m having coffee. I’ve been pondering these ideas about the past and future, the NOW and the nature of existence and experience. It has absolutely nothing to do with the podcast but, eh, so what? It’s stuff I’ve been thinking about and I wanted to make a recording of it and I’m putting it here. All filmed at an extremely unflattering angle. I can’t say there won’t be more of these kinds of videos in the future.

Episode 22 The Video

Episode 22 is the first video episode. What do you think? Should there be more?

Big Bang

Well, it happened.

I suspected it might and was dreading if it did but, yeah. It did.

I recorded what I think might have been my best show so far and when I went to do the editing, the file showed as corrupt. Not usable. Garbage.

I really don’t think I could ever duplicate the vibe and the content of the show. I got on a roll. It was good. I was having fun and I was thinking it was going to be a show that touched a lot of people.

I suppose it was intended only for me. Oh well. I’m going to try not to dwell on it. But I’m also not going to try again today so that means Thursday show is out. Not gonna happen. I apologize. I hope it doesn’t happen again. I mentioned how I don’t really trust this SD Card storage system in this new recorder I’m using. I guess I know to really double-check everything from now on.


I’ll see you on Monday.