14: Lubricating the Pole

Apocaleptic 14 Lubricating the Pole

This is the last show before Christmas. Is it our Christmas episode?? Nah, I don’t think there is a proper Christmas episode this year. Nonetheless, I discuss Santa Claus and becoming an unbeliever. Also, you probably don’t know everything you really need to know about the North Pole. So, in honor of the big fat man, here are some facts for you. Geez, I really shouldn’t talk about myself that way, should I? Merry Holidays everyone!

11: Trashing Old Stuff

Aocaleptic 11 Trashing Old Stuff

Today I had a small panic attack about boxes of old stuff. We all have to confront our old stuff at some point and figure out if we’re going to trash it or keep it stored somewhere. I think it’s time for me to confront some bad habits I’ve developed. Can it be that real people are more valuable than protecting my own ego? Holy crap, how can that be true? I send out my first album reviews in this episode. Christmas albums by Amanda Shires and Billy Idol come under the examination spotlight. Hope your holidays are going well, my friends. Keep in touch!

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9: Say My Name

Do you ever discover something about yourself and you just dont know why it’s there? But you know it is there and maybe you should hold it up to the light and examine it. There are so many of those things about me like that I constantly discover. Also, maybe take some time to figure out what is happening with holiday traditions we mindlessly observe. Never hurts to know.

7: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot

Apocaleptic 7 It's Begining

Thanksgiving is history and I ate way too much. Instead of thinking about my gluttony, best move my focus forward to Christmas where I can participate in greed. I’ve pulled out my box of Christmas movies and I’m ready to start the marathon. Do you have favorite holiday movies you have to watch every year? I present my own lists here, not just my favorites but also the ones I despise. I wonder which list your favorites are on. Stay in touch friends. I’d love to hear from you.