54: God Is Grape

Thanks to listener Gary, we have a new scoop on the lack of grape ice cream (See what I did there?). Unfortunately, I don’t buy it so I still want some real answers. Also, I go on a little spontaneous rant about a video I saw about Christian philosophy. Is this something really needed? I guess some people need it. I just wish they would put all of their energies into getting us some grape ice cream.

31: Be Quiet


I’ve been hearing strange tones in my bed. Could it be a space creature? It’s been making me wonder what it sounds like in outer space. Is it completely silent? Is there space wind? The sounds of astroids colliding? Weird bed tones? How much is the silence inside us similar to space silence? I wonder. Maybe too much. Hope you like this Friday show.

27: Cool Story, Bro!

27 Cool Story, Bro!

My eyes are no better but I gotta get used to it. Gonna be the way things are from now on. I’ll just relax. Maybe I’ll listen to my newest favorite ASMRtist. That always help. I’m performing at a storytelling event this weekend. Which me think of stories. What is the single defining story of your life? Do you have one? Should you make one up? Here’s mine. Talk to you next week, friends!