53: Murdered At The Piggly Wiggly


It’s a great cool breezy day in the ATL. Rare but I’ll take it. As I get older, I’m concerned more and more about ageism. More specifically, what can everyone be doing out there to make my old man life much easier? It’s something we all should be focusing more on. I have a great idea for a new podcast which I have decided to completely turn over to you. Seriously. Go do it. Make millions. Just give me a shout out, okay? I’ll talk with you again later this week.

Rick on “Take A Sip” with Michael Poole

Thanks to Michael Poole (Koozy Mike) for having me as a guest on his podcast Taking a Sip. We reminisce a bit about A Year In A Kilt, Life In A Kilt, The Life In A Kilt Podcast and discuss the arts, spirituality, podcasting, ASMR and drum corps. Lots of fun. Check it out!

1: Premiere! What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Apocaleptic Header

Welcome to the premiere episode of Apocaleptic. Let me explain what this podcast is about and why I’m doing it. Also, hear all of the craziness that was my summer! Good to see you here and I’m glad to be back.